Friday, November 30, 2012

Facilitate Don't Dominate

In her course Introduction to Pastoral Ministry this semester, Ms. Linda Showman assigned a book entitled Principled Ministry.  Each student in the class is giving a presentation on one of the principles, and Billy Zondler, a seminarian studying for the the Diocese of San Diego, submitted this poem for his presentation.

Facilitate Don't Dominate
by Billy Zondler

We should aim to facilitate

Cuz if we dominate

And fail to collaborate

We fail to let others participate

In the love we're all called to reciprocate

It's the Love Our Lord articulated

If we are what is elevated

It's the Body of Christ that gets amputated

And discipleship becomes debilitated

Let us strive to motivate

And together we will cultivate

The Love of Christ is what we imitate

So that the World will fall prostrate

Before Our God whose love rehabilitates.

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