Saturday, October 27, 2012

Synod of New Evangelization - Part III

The MAS Journalim blog continues with the publication of journal entries from Father Jeremy Driscoll, OSB, that he has written during his participation in the Synod of New Evangelization.  Readers may find Part I and Part II on our blog as well.

Father Jeremy's entry for October 13, 2012:

There would be no end to little stories to tell.  At the beginning of the day as we arrive, at the 30 minute coffee break in the morning, and then leaving in the evening, there are many occasions to meet people we know or don't.  So I get a few minutes this way here and there with Caridnal Pell, Cardinal Gracias, or Archbishop Fisichella.  I met Cardinal Dolan from New York on the stairway the first day, and he was very friendly and said he was pleased when he saw me named to the Synod.  "Way to go!" he said.  He also asked how Fr. Betschart was doing and sent greetings.

Then I've met many new people, all really fine.  Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville has been very friendly, and on the days when I take my noon meals at NAC, he has offered me his sitting room as a place to rest and get some work done during the break.  That has been very helpful, and I am getting to know and appreciate him more each day.  Each day I ride back and forth from Sant' Anselmo in the car of the Master General of the Dominican Order, Fr. Bruno Cardore.  He is a very pleasant man, French.  We are getting on very well.

On some days we hear as many as 50 interventions of 5 minutes a piece.  This can become tedious, and the words simply don't go in any more.  But I found an attitude that helps me: I think when ever again will I be able to hear a bishop from Mali, from Thailand, from Uruguay, from Japan, from Finland, from Romania, etc., telling me of his pastoral concerns.  So while one is talking, I look closely at the video monitor that displays his face; I listen; and I say a little prayer for his diocese and country.  In addition the Holy Father's example sustains me.  He is sitting there listening attentively to every one.

It is difficult still to see how all these interventions can be brought together into some coherent whole.  Since I can't see how (yet?), I'm just taking it as a massive exposure to the breadth and length of the Church's reach - of the Gospel's reach - in every part of the world.  I cannot imagine another occasion in my life where I will receive an exposure like this.

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