Thursday, September 20, 2012

New MAS Journalist Raul Barriga

The first assignment for our journalism students this semester was to conduct a short interview with their fellow journalism student.  The next step was to write a post that introduces their classmate to the readers of our blog.  Please meet Raul Barriga:

My Journalism Partner: An Interview with Raul Barriga
by Peter Lawongkerd

Raul is one of the seminarians enrolled in our journalism class.  The reason why Raul is taking this course is because he would like to improve his writing skills and explore different types of writing. 

This year is going to be his third year studying at Mount Angel Seminary.  He studies for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

In the last couple years, he has learned how to write an essay, but he thinks that journalism is different because it is not so much about writing essays but rather writing reports.

Raul wants to explore different kinds of writings, and he also wants to learn how to take a photo for an article that he wishes to do.  He expects to learn how to write an article.  He hopes that this course will help him to be able to write in different styles and be able to reach his goals after he finishes the course.
Raul Barriga - photo by Sister Hilda Kleiman

Since he is taking the journalism class, he would like to be involved in the sports events and interview some of the seminarians who are on the soccer team and basketball team.  He said, "I think I would like to be involved in more sports such as soccer and basketball so that I could interview my fellow seminarians and question them about their experience."

Raul is looking forward to working at and writing about the Regent's Dinner.  There are so many events that will be taking place on the hilltop, and one of those events is the Regent's Dinner.  Every year in October, a number of bishops and vocation directors will come to visit the hilltop and have a conference with the president-rector and have dinner with the seminarians.  This dinner requires a lot of volunteer work for setting the tables, serving food, and washing dishes.

Another event he would like to write about is the college beach weekend.  It is the event that the seminary provides to the college students in order for them to get to know one another and build community among them.

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