Monday, September 24, 2012

New MAS Journalist Peter Lawongkerd

A Portrait of a New Journalist: Peter Lawongkerd
by Raul Barriga

For this semester, one of the two journalists for Mount Angel Seminary is seminarian Peter Lawongkerd.  Peter is taking this journalism class for two reasons: 1) he has seen other journalists at work, such as last year's seminarian Michael Khong, and wants to experience the journalism for himself, and 2) he wants to improve his writing skills by writing in different styles.  If you would like to see a past article by Peter, there is a link for it on the Mount Angel Journalism blog.

Peter Lawongkerd - photo by Sister Hilda Kleiman

Peter is excited to be able to interview people for upcoming events.  One particular interest of his is the Seminary Benefit Dinner, an important event for the seminary as it gathers financial support.  He also looks forward to hearing from new and returning seminarians so as to get their perspectives on seminary life thus far.

Peter has never taken a journalism class before, but his interest to improve his writing in English could help him in the class.  He has already shown perseverance in writing since his first year at the seminary.  The writing center, for example, has been helping Peter to develop his writing skills.

Peter says that he "remembers in [his] first year [that he] did not even know how to write papers, essays and all that."  Peter is now able to write papers for his classes, thanks to his English reading and writing classes.  Peter mentions that he received help from Sr. Hilda, the instructor of the journalism class, during his first year, which helped him get started in writing.

Peter studies for the Diocese of Oakland in California.  He is in his third year of college.  Since he came from Thailand, he had to take a year of English at this seminary.  He said that "in [a] journalism course, we write about reality or the events that go on in the hilltop, but for English class we talk about something from the book."

Peter wants his readers to know he that he will try his best as a journalist for the Mount Angel Seminary Journalism blog.  In this journalism class, he is showing enthusiasm for the material that we cover.  You can read an article from him on the blog about his other journalist partner.  This article on Peter should serve as motivation for those seminarians that take a first year of English at Mount Angel Seminary.

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