Monday, September 10, 2012

A New Sign for the Press

Brother Andre Love, a junior monk of Mount Angel Abbey, has created a new sign for the Press.  Below he describes the process of designing and installing the sign:

When I first spoke with Mrs. Beth Wells, the bookstore manager, about creating a sign for the coffee shop and seminary bookstore located at Mount Angel Abbey, she had yet to decide what to name it.  After some brief brainstorming she chose The Press.  This was appropriate as the shop is located in the Old Benedictine Press building and a press is also a method of making espresso coffee.

The new sign designed by Brother Andre Love

Detail of the monk on the new sign

With the inspiration of these two ideas in mind, I went to work looking for an image that would be a suitable logo.  I found a great piece of clip art depicting a 19th century printing machine, and after adding a monk at the wheel and selecting a German font from the same era for the main text, the logo was done.  To complete the sign design I added stylized banners for the subtext  panels.

Since all this work was done sans computer, I opted to create a lino-block print of the new logo which could then be projected on the MDO (plywood) signboard and hand-painted with oil-based enamels.  The block prints can also be reproduced for use in other advertising.

Brother Andre with the new sign outside The Press

Unfortunately for Mrs. Wells, this added a great deal of time to the sign-making process.  Fortunately for me, however, Mrs. Wells is the epitome of patience and has a keen awareness of "monastic time."  After many distractions and detours the sign is completed just in time for the 2012-2013 school year.

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