Thursday, May 10, 2012

Seminary Beach Bash!

Tonight two seminarians, Burt Mello and Joe Fleming, hosted a BBQ and party for the entire hilltop community.  Seminarians, seminary faculty and staff, abbey employees, and families present for graduation this coming Saturday enjoyed the party.  Enjoy the pictures!

The organizers of the Beach Bash - Burt Mello and Joe Fleming.
Fr. Paperini, the president rector of Mount Angel Seminary, was given an icon by the theology four students that was painted by Brother Andre Love, OSB.
Academic Dean Dr. Elaine Park enjoyed dinner with Dr. Creighton Lindsay, the Assistant Dean for the College.

David Soares, a graduating college seminarian, and his mother.

Romple Emwalu, a college seminarian, with some of the library staff.

Seminarians Dean Marshall, Daniel Gutierrez, and Leon Vigil.

Seminarians Matthew Olsen, Emmanulle Del Castillo, Brad Fisher, and Dean Marshall.

The Samoan seminarians staffed the BBQ during the Beach Bash.

Seminarians Brian Bergeron and Alex Depaulis with the dining room full of balloons in the background.

Formation director Fr. Liem Nguyen and seminarian Gary Bass.

College seminarians Luis Nunez and Miguel Corral.

Seminarian Brother Nicolaus Wilson, OSB, and Andy Lally, a member of the technology staff.

Seminarians Clyd Jeslva and Tetzel Umingli.

Seminarians Ruben Hernandez and Ricardo Ruesga Loera.

Members of the college faculty: Dr. Mark Van Ness, Ms. Kathy Akiyama, and Mr. Mark Woolman.

Graciela Cortes, the administrative assistant in the office of the President Rector, and Ms. Kathy Akiyama, a member of the seminary faculty.

Bert Mello, one of the organizers of the Beach Bash, and Jim Sisley, a member of the seminary faculty.

Martin Moreno, a college seminarian, helped to greet guests for the Beach Bash at the door.

Seminarian Joseph Paddock and Mark Woolman, a member of the seminary faculty.

Two members of the English Communications Program faculty: Jim Sisley and Etsuko Sisley.

Several members of the Filipino community enjoyed one another's company during the Beach Bash.

Tamara Swanson-Orr, the seminary business manager, and Dr. Elaine Park, the Academic Dean.

Fr. Paperini appeared with his cardboard alter ego who has appeared many times around campus.

Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB, and Fr. Terry Tompkins, members of the seminary faculty.

College seminarian Dean Marshall and undergraduate academic dean Dr. Creighton Lindsay.

The seminary English Communications faculty: Sister Hilda Kleiman and Mark Van Ness (back row) and Kathy Akiyama, Jim Sisley, and Etsuko Sisley (front row).

Seminary professor Kathy Akiyama with seminarians Daniel Steele and Luis Madgrial.

Nancy Holt, a member of the seminary faculty, and Beth Wells, the manager of the seminary bookstore.

Seminarians Nathan McWeeney and Mark Uhlenkott.

Seminarians Teodosio Brea and Bryce Lungren.

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