Saturday, April 21, 2012

April Theology on the Hill

An End-of-the-Year Political Theology on the Hill
photos by William Hall and Sister Hilda Kleiman, OSB

Yesterday evening the final session of Theology on the Hill for the school year featured the topic of political theology and involved a panel of speakers from the seminary community.  A discussion between Dr. Jeffery Nicholas, an associate professor of philosophy, and Br. Jonah Wright, OSB, a monk of Mount Angel Abbey, was moderated by Bert Mello, a seminarian for the Diocese of Fresno.

Brother Jonah and Dr. Nicholas enjoyed refreshments and speaking with the guests from off the hill before beginning their discussion.

While the discussion touched on some specific political and moral issues, it primarily focused on deeper issues of unity, the meaning of suffering, and holding the tension people encounter as they live with deep and fundamental disagreements in their families and communities.

Dr. Jeffery Nicholas addresses questions from the seminarians and off-hill guests.
Bert Mello joined in the laughter during the discussion.
Brother Jonah reflecting on some of the discussion's more serious points.

For the discussion Brother Jonah drew on his experience as a theologian and professor of theology.  Dr. Nicholas works further with the points he made on his blog and in his new book, Reason, Tradition, and the Good.

Theology on the Hill will continue next school year in the Store at the Press.

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