Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Contemplative Capstone: Bryce Lungren

Yesterday afternoon Bryce Lungren, a fourth-year college student studying for the Diocese of Helena, presented his capstone project.  Bryce entitled his project "The Phenomenology of Contemplation: A Philosophical Treatise on the Experience of Teresian Prayer, Anthropology, and Time."

By bringing together philosophical discussion and Carmelite spirituality, Bryce's project demonstrated the interdisciplinary nature of the capstone project.

Bryce before his presentation with an icon of Edith Stein that was painted by Brother Claude Lane, OSB.

Details of the icon painted by Brother Claude Lane, OSB.

A large photograph of Edith Stein that Bryce also brought to his presentation.
Bryce provided prayer cards with icons Edith Stein for those who attended his presentation.  On the back of the prayer card with the above icon by Brother Claude, Bryce wrote and included the following prayer:

Edith Stein, in your search for truth you entered the cloister of Carmel to contemplate the love of our Eternal Father.

Teach us, we pray, that from your seat now in Heaven, we may learn to imitate Jesus Christ crucified with the faithfulness you showed in your life, even unto death.

Through your intercession, may the power of the Holy Spirit penetrate our hearts and minds with the wisdom that surpasses all understanding.


Dr. Andrew Cummings, a philosophy professor at Mount Angel Seminary, served as the director for Bryce's project.  Ms. Kathy Akiyama, Fr. Aelred Yockey, OSB, and Sr. Hilda Kleiman, OSB, served as his readers.

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