Thursday, January 5, 2012

All Saints Day at Mount Angel Seminary

The festivities during the last semester included the activities of All Saints Day. Our journalist Emmanuelle del Castillo submitted this story:

The Saints Come Marching In
by Emmanuelle del Castillo

On the night of November 1st, you would wonder why the seminarians are dressing up even though Halloween was just the day before.  Before you start calling Monsignor Paperini, the President-Rector of Mount Angel Seminary, you should know that November 1st is the Solemnity of All Saints Day.  This night was the All Saints Day social where the seminarians dressed up as saints.  All Saints Day is a solemnity that is celebrated in the Catholic Church.

The first event for the All Saints Day social was a quiz made by Sister Gertrude Feick, a professor at Mount Angel Seminary.  The contents were to test the seminarians and the off-hill guests on how much they know about the saints of the Catholic Church.  The questions varied from the women doctors of the church to the saints the bells of Mount Angel Abbey's bell tower are named after.

The second part of the All Saints Day social was the costume contest.  The judges of the contest were Sister Gertrude, Father Paschal Cheline, and Father Terry Tompkins, all professors from the seminary.

The contestants were judged on creativity, how recognizable they were as the saint or blessed they were portraying, and by a third factor that was a secret among the judges.  The first and second place winners were judged by the three judges, while third place was chosen as a crowd favorite.

The night ended with first place going to Dan Steele as Saint Francis of Assisi.  The second place winner was David Soares dressing up as Saint John Vianney, and the crowd favorite went to Patrick Klekas as Father Damein of Moloka'i.

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