Saturday, December 10, 2011

Theology on the Hill: Father Jeremy Driscoll

Last night was the latest gathering at Mount Angel Seminary for Theology on the Hill.  Father Jeremy Driscoll, a monk of Mount Angel Abbey and a professor of systematic theology at the seminary, gave a talk entitled "The Universal Significance of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead."

In his opening remarks, Fr. Jeremy emphasized that the Christian faith stands or falls on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  His presence among people today is totally dependent on this event.

Father Jeremy at work at Mount Angel Seminary.
When Jesus was raised from the dead, Fr. Jeremy explained, he entered into a new form of life, taking human existence into divine glory.  This leap has universal consequences; it opens a new future for all men and women.

During the rest of his talk, Fr. Jeremy built on a close reading of chapter 15 of Saint Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians.  Faith comes through hearing, he said, for the Corinthians then and for all those gathered in the Store at the Press that evening.

His talk and the discussion that followed ended with an emphasis on the place of witness in the Christian life.  Because Christians believe Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, they can give themselves away in love through all of their actions each day.  "If I do not witness," said Fr. Jeremy, "then I do not know the reality of the Resurrection."

According to Br. Jonah Wright, the coordinator of Theology on the Hill, the series will continue in January with a talk by Dr. Seymour House on religion and poetry.  The series continues to be held in the Store at the Press at Mount Angel Seminary, and all are welcome!

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