Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SACA Food Drive

Ivan Garcia, a first-year college student, covered the SACA food drive last month for the journalism blog and has submitted this piece below.  Thank you, Ivan!

SACA Food Drive: A Pastoral Ministry Assignment for College One Seminarians

On October 15, 2011, the Mount Angel Seminary College One seminarians took on a mission to help the SACA (Silverton Area Community Aid) Food Drive in Silverton, Oregon.

SACA provides food to those in need and offers financial assistance for housing, utilities, and prescription medications.  They also provide gas vouchers for medical appointments and job interviews and other social services.  They offer information and referrals to other services.

Their mission is to make a positive difference in our community by providing food, financial assistance, and information to people in need in a respectful environment. 

For many of us it was not just a food drive but a mission to help those in need.  When we arrived at the site, we arrived with a surprise of what we would expect of the mission.  Many people were already there with papers and ideas on how we were going to do the food drive.

The MAS seminarians and members of the local community organizing the food drive.
 Some of us were on the bottom floor stocking shelves, and the rest were in the gym packing boxes with food and taping them.

In past years, the seminary has assigned this pastoral assignment to College 1.  It's become a tradition.  As bags came in through the door full of food and other products, the College 1 seminarians were on a roll to get things done.

Jerome Jay said, "I enjoyed working hard for a good cause.  It made me feel good knowing that the food will be going to someone that needs it the most."

Jesus Sanchez said, "The fact that we were helping someone during the semester - it was like a good distraction toward something good."

At the end of the ministry assignment, we cleaned up and had a moment of reflection afterwards.  Many of the seminarians were surprised how early we ended and how the community came together to help with the food drive.

The following seminarians participated in the pastoral assignment:
Arturo Barrera Montoya
Gabriel Feld
Zachary Ferell
Ruben Hernandez
John Helsa
Jerome Jay
Brother Jesus Maria Leija
Antonio Lopez
Nicholaus Marenga
Andres Mendoza Gonzalez
Joseph Norton 
Emmanuel Perez Gomez
Fredy Preciado-Salas
Dario Rinaldi
Jesus Sanchez
Jhonnathan Valencia

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