Saturday, June 4, 2011

Technology in Work and in Life

Working as a journalist today certainly includes engaging with an array of technology, which can be intriguing, frustrating, exciting, and overwhelming, sometimes all at the same time!  With all of the recent changes in communications technology, journalism students would do well to reflect on their own relationship to the technology in their daily lives.

This was on my mind when I picked up The Winter of Our Disconnect by Susan Maushart.  Maushart and her three teenagers gave up all screen technology inside their home for six months.  She had been frightened by the behavior of her children before the experiment, but she also had to deal with her own technology hangups. 

Maushart brings to her book much of the current research on technology use.  While some readers may find Maushart too irreverent or sarcastic, I found Maushart's sense of humor bringing a necessary levity to such a challenging scenario for her family.

I've added a new section for technology under the page "Books on Journalism," so as the journalism program continues to explore this aspect of our work, new titles will be added.

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  1. I just finished reading The Winter of our Disconnect and found it very enjoyable although the writing is a bit breezy. I think a reader would get the most out of it who was a parent of a teenager, not only because he or she would identify with the experience but also because the author uses a lot of current teen slang and it would be handy to have a teenager around to translate!

    I found one of the more interesting sections to be a critique of "multitasking" and that recent research indicates that it's less efficient than people often think.

    The book has a short but useful bibliography that I'll definitely make use of. I might suggest some of these titles be added to the library.

    Looking forward to talking about this in class...