Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yee Haw! - The Seminary Stampede

Tonight seminarians Joe Fleming and Burt Mello hosted an event for the entire hilltop community - the Seminary Stampede!  Everyone who lives, works, and studies within the hilltop community was invited to a BBQ and end-of-the-year gathering.  The stampede began mid-afternoon and continued into the evening.  

The photos below share many of the folks who took part in the laughter, stories, and good food.  Thanks to Joe and Burt, the closing of the school year was joyfully and colorfully celebrated tonight!  Enjoy the pictures! 
Seminarians Joe Fleming and Burt Mello organized the Seminary Stampede.
Tamara Swanson-Orr, seminary business manager and immigration officer, brought her trusty steed to the table with Dr. Elaine Park, academic dean and professor of Biblical Studies.
Seminarian Greg Bronsema greeted guests at the door, but his job didn't seem to keep him out of jail!
For more pictures, click on "read more" below.  Enjoy!

Samoan seminarians Mikaele Lafeele and Faitau Lemautu worked the BBQ.
Seminarian Ian Perez also helped cook for the many guests.
Doug Krings and photographer Brian Sattler pause for a smile.  Many folks at the stampede took advantage of the opportunity to take pictures of friends and guests.
Seminarians Phillip Okwama and Felipe Jimenez tended the bar at the stampede.
Francisco Mora from the technology department and Dr. Creighton Lindsay, professor of literature, pause for a smile before filling their plates.
Gathered around this checkered table are Kathy Akiyama, associate professor of English Communications, and seminarian Romple Emwalu.
Mark Woolman, professor of philosophy, apprehended Creighton Lindsay!
Abbot Peter Eberle and seminarian David Soares joined a card game . . .
. . . and seminarians Cody Williams and Zach Howick are hoping for a winning hand!
Cindy May, executive assistant for academics, and seminarian Pio Afu took their turn with the BBQ . . .
. . . while these gentlemen were a bit overwhelmed!
Father David Jaspers, a former student of Mount Angel Seminary, joined current seminarian Jose Mariscal Guzman at his table.
Many graduating seminarians brought their families to the stampede, included Michael Andrade, seated here with his sister.
Michael with his sister and his parents.
Seminarian Brian Bergeron and Brother Teresio Caldwell don't seem to mind their time in the jail . . .
. . . and President-Rector Richard Paperini is all smiles as well!
Christopher Arriaga and Raul Sanchez enjoy their dinner with the beautiful Willamette Valley behind them.
Deacon Matthew Ramsay, another 2011 graduate, joined the stampede with his family, including his mother.
Toward the end of the evening, Brother Peter Tynan, a monk of St. Martin's Abbey in Washington State, and Father Terry Tompkins, a seminary formation director, also joined the stampede.

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  1. Great job Burt and Joe! It was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year. Thank you for having such a brilliant idea and following through with it to perfection. Thanks for the blog entry and photos Sr. Hilda! Tamara