Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Public Relations Work

One of the responsibilities of our practicum students is providing additional resources for our blog.  Brother Peter Tynan provided some materials that focus on the public relations aspect of writing for Mount Angel Seminary.  These materials include the site for a short introductory public relations training program.

The training program is developed by the Council of Public Relations Firms and the PRSA Counselors Academy.  The first course includes an introduction to the work of public relations and the key audiences and influencers - those who can influence the audience with whom you want to build a good relationship.

During the journalism course in the fall, we will discuss the material from this training program and apply it to our work.  Because our work is two-fold, understanding journalism techniques and ethics, as well as contributing to the public relations work of the seminary, this will be a great addition to the course.  Thank you, Brother Peter, for the recommendation!

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