Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Public Relations Course Continued

Yesterday I did part two of the short introductory public relations course I mentioned in my previous post.  Part two covers the basics of life in a public relations agency, and while it may seem that this is not especially applicable to seminarians, I was struck by how many of the tips and pieces of advice would apply to a pastor!

One section of the course is entitled "The Devil is in the Details: Managing Your Account," and to me it sounds a lot like managing a parish or a faculty position.  We all need to prioritize our work, know how to make our work habits as productive as we can, know how to work as part of a team and when to ask for help, and know how to juggle several tasks or assignments at once.  Another section emphasizes the importance of transparency, which is also obviously key for pastors and teachers.

In some respects, the journalism class may function as a mini public relations agency for the seminary, especially given the key points covered in this short course.  I will be incorporating some of this material into our discussions in the fall as well.

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