Monday, May 2, 2011

More Talent!

One of the acts during the talent show this weekend performed El Tapatio, a quick-paced dance that received great applause from the seminarians, faculty, and off hill guests.

The bright dashing costumes for this performance added to the excitement.

Luis Nunez takes a moment to smile after his performance with Sister Hilda, one of the judges of the talent show.
Thank you to Luis Nunez for submitting these photos.  I welcome any other photos from the talent show or other seminary events that members of the seminary community would like to submit to our journalism blog.  Let's continue to share our talents!


  1. What a fun and impressive amount of talent was on display - I don't know how the judges could choose.

  2. It was a hard decision, and it makes me look forward to the show next year. Thanks for visiting our blog!