Saturday, March 26, 2011

Music and Good Company - The Irish Band

Last night the seminary's Irish Band entertained a crowd of seminarians, faculty and staff, and friends of the seminary in the seminary coffeehouse.

The music included a number of soloists and instrumentalists.

The Irish Band gathers to begin their first song.

An enjoyable evening such as this has great potential for a number of stories by our present (and future!) journalism students, including though certainly not limited to:

- How and why the Irish Band was established
- The story behind the musical talents of the band members
- How evenings of music and camaraderie contribute to the culture of the seminary

Enjoy the pictures!

Father Pius X Harding contributes his musical talents.

Father Paschal Cheline was honored with a song sung by Brother Basil Lawrence.

Abbot Peter Eberle, Cindy May, and Carmelite Brother Jason Parrott laugh and sing along with the Irish Band.

Michael Andrade (right) and a former band member combine their singing and percussion instruments.
Guadalupe Vargas and EJ Resinto entertaining the audience.
Deacon Matt Ramsay plays his guitar with Father Pius X Harding in the background.
Friends of the Irish Band from off the hill also shared their talents.
A ballad was shared by Beth Wells (left), manager of the seminary bookstore and coffeehouse.
Brother Basil Lawrence and Guadalupe Vargas pause during the verses of a song.
Jameson Natwick, a new member of the band, helps close the evening with a final song.

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