Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Vocation of Fr. Liem

Our third profile this semester was on one of our formation directors:

Father Liem: From a Herdsman to a Formator
by Quyen Truong

Father Liem Nguyen, O.S.B., has served as a formator at Mount Angel Seminary for sixteen years.  His vocation had many ups and downs before he settled at Mount Angel Abbey, but these experiences have deepened his calling as both a Benedictine monk and a formator. 

Talking about his mission during a recent interview, Father Liem said, “What I like the most about being a formator is to see the outcome, the success of my directees, and to see how they become priests.”  Father Liem continued, “I have experience as both a seminarian and a formator, so I can understand my directees’s feelings better and be patient to help them grow in their formation, as well as to deal with situations they may see and face in the future.”  Joseph Nguyen, a seminarian from the Diocese of Orange, said this about Father Liem: “Father Liem has helped me so much in my vocation discernment and helped me understand myself and others better.”

According to Father Liem, his vocation came about in a very unusual way. 

Michael Andrade and the Writing Center

Another profile is of a seminarian who serves as an assistant in the seminary Writing Center:

Writing Well . . . With a Little Help from Michael Andrade
by Brian Perez
Michael Andrade, along with all the Writing Center staff, is one of the people at Mount Angel Seminary who is doing his best to help the Church in the formation of good priests. “I enjoy helping seminarians formulate their ideas. Writing good papers not only helps them in philosophy but will carry into their work in grad school when they study theology,” said Michael Andrade.

Michael Andrade - Current Writing Assistant at Mount Angel Seminary

Beth Wells and the MAS Coffeeshop

The first assignment in the journalism course this semester is a profile of someone associated with Mount Angel Seminary.  The students selected a variety of people from among the students, staff, and faculty. 
Below is the first of three profiles written in the first month of this semester:

Beth Wells: Making Everyone Feel Welcome
Brother Peter Tynan, OSB

Beth Wells, Mount Angel Seminary’s bookstore manager, is one of the people on the hilltop who best exemplifies the Benedictine value of hospitality. The Rule of Saint Benedict states that guests are to be received as Christ and that every kindness is to be shown to them. By overseeing what she terms, “the living room of Mount Angel,” Mrs. Wells does her part in fulfilling this call to Christian hospitality.

The living room that Beth Wells refers to is the spacious seminary bookstore and coffeehouse located in the former Abbey printing house. In it you will find study groups gathered around the tables, mosaics hanging on the walls, Persian rugs on the floor, and an antiquated coffee machine blowing off steam for lattes.